Direct Embroidery
Not all embroidery companies are created equal! Ahead's superior digitizing and state of the art embroidery machines will reproduce your embroidered logo better than you have ever seen it!

Woven Applique
The fine yarns that Ahead uses in woven labels replicates small detail better than embroidery, and can help you to display even complicated logos at smaller, tasteful (and "wearable"!) sizes. The edges of the label are covered by an embroidered satin stitch border for a clean, finished look.

Open Edge Printed Applique
By using a run stitch around the perimeter to affix the printed twill patch to the cap, Ahead keeps the fabric edge "open" and subject to fraying for a more relaxed, casual look. Printing on the cotton twill allows for fine detail and small lettering, and can also be "distressed" to make the graphic appear "aged" to match the look of the applique's raw edge.

Printed "Smooth" Fabric Applique with Embroidered Border
Ahead's printed labels help you to achieve super fine detail. Small text, taglines, websites, legal marks can be printed the size of the lettering on the back of an aspirin bottle! We use a CMYK printing process, so we can print blends and gradients that are not possible to reproduce with thread or yarn. The smooth "CoolMax" fabric is a terrific match for Ahead's technical, performance headwear styles.

Embossed Tech Transfers
Ahead's SonicWeld "tech" ornamentation is a perfect match to our array of performance headwear. Our printed transfers are debossed for added dimension, and areas are filled with linear patterns to help catch the light, and your eye. Choose from either a shiny metallic or non-metallic background to suit your tastes!

Printed Canvas Label With Flat Embroidery
Ahead's printed fabric gives you the flexibility of great detail and full color, and the canvas provides texture. Small letters, legal marks, websites can be replicated better than with thread or yarn. Add to that the ability to use unlimited colors, blends, and gradients, and you have an unmatched method of ornamentation!

3D Printed Label with Flat Embroidery
Mixed media; singular results: Success! Ahead 3D printed vintage label with flat embroidered elements.

Rubber Patch With Run Stitch
Ahead's flexible, molded, rubber appliques are a great way to add a "tech" flair to your logo on performance headwear, apparel. and bags. Like woven labels, the technique allows for great detail at a small size, while the raised details create an eye-catching texture. An embroidered run stitch that sits just inside the edge of the label holds the labels secure!

Vintage Label with Embroidery
Vintage Label with Embroidery

Ahead's Own Tech Graphic Decoration Welded Into Fabric With Matte Finish
Similar to a heat transfer Ahead's "GrafixWeld" technique is a full color, printed, ultra-thin, and flexible ornamentation that is bonded directly to your cap or garment fabric. Being CMYK printed technique allows for intricate background patterns, visual textures, blends and gradients. It's super smooth application makes it a great match for performance fabrics, particularly on outerwear.

1mm (Bounce) or 3mm (3D) Raised Embroidery
With our ?Bounce? and ?3D? embroidery techniques, Ahead can add a little ?dimension? to many logos. If you are familiar with the logos often used on the caps of PGA Tour professional and major league baseball players, you may have noticed this technique. Get your company into the game!

Printed Canvas Label Over Felt Backing For 3D Effect
For a little added boost, add dimension to Ahead's Vintage Label by applying it to a felt base before securing it to your caps.

Namedrop Alternative "Template" Graphics
Don't always want to use your logo, or have an event that doesn't HAVE logo? Ahead has thousands of attractive design name-drop "templates" across ALL of our variety of ornamentation techniques and graphic styles. Couple direct embroidery, bounce stitch, applique or printed labels up with graphics that have either a traditional/clean, collegiate, or casual/resort look to help you to get just the right message out there!

Logo Plus Namedrop Alternative "Template" Graphics
Want to mix up how your logo is displayed? Use Ahead's thousands of icon and verbiage drop "templates". Ahead offers templates for each ornamentation technique in our arsenal. The world's biggest sports leagues and teams learned from our design team decades ago: drop your logo/name into several different graphics, and get more people wearing your messages. It's that easy!

Fabric Applique With Embroidered border And Elements
Ahead can help you to add texture and visual interest to your graphics using felt, cotton twill, or polyester tackle twill as a "fill". Don't have enough room for applique inside your custom logo? Then choose from Ahead's assortment of applique templated graphics, and simply add your company name and logo with embroidery.

Custom VintageThermal Label
Custom VintageThermal Label